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Our platform provides staking benefits for Justravelers Tribe collections, holders receive ERC20 $JERS token, increasing their benefits as digital nomads or travelers 🛩

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JTT Staking Benefits

How stake and token system works?

The token $JERS will be swapped for JTT-SAVE a virtual currency used for the staking process. You can Stake your $JERS by locking up any amount as JTT-SAVE for a period between 28 and 2888 days. Stake accrues rewards every day that will compound, and the amount of yield depends on the length of your Stake "Delay and get Paid" 🚀


Increase your benefits

The APY for $JERS stake of average length will be around 20% while traditional banks average less than 2%. In addition to the unprecedented yield, there is also the tendency of the $JERS price to appreciate.

Distribution 🚛

All $JERS Token used to purchase JTT-SAVE to stake are distributed in: 33% Burned, 33% Staking Pool, 33% Rewards Pool

Expecting APY 💰

We are expecting the APY for a 1 year stake to be about 12% , 6 year stake is 30%, an 10+ year stakes is 43% with varied APY between these example time increments.

JERS to real benefies 🛳

Virtual currency to stake Rewards Pool Fund dips below 50% 5% Increments per day until the fund reaches 100%

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Expand your travels and be a digital nomad 🌎

You have the posibilities to get disscount on your future travels with your family, or whoever you want. With gorilla NFTs and JTT-Staking increase your benefies in yatches, hotels, and more!


Here's who is our team 🤝

We have a professional and experimented team that has working during the project.

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Enrique Athie

Founder and CEO

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Beatriz Barreal

Co-founder and CGO

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Sanjeewa Bandara

Co-founder and 3D artist

Joseph Avatar

Rafael Fuentes

Co-founder and Project Manager


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Jttribe Stake platform is a DAPP to stake your gorilla or any NFTs from JTTribe to receive your benefies as traveler or digital nomad 🏞
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